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Europa League Final | On the Streets of Amsterdam

With Ajax commanding an emphatic following in Amsterdam, the excitement in the dutch city was palpable as the the club headed into the Europa League final. A showdown against Manchester United, this collection of curated shots captures the scenes as fans looked on from the streets.

Bring flairs, climb lampposts, scale storefronts and of course, drape yourself in the colours of your club. The pre-requisite that comes with the final of any major European tournament though more pure then just taking to the streets, the sheer volume of support that the Ajax fans have for the club is infectious and striking.

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While the game swung away from favour of the Ajax faithful, they were backed by numbers. A side with an average age of just 22 years old, this is a fresh emergence of energy and with a young side, they're gaining momentum. First stop the Europa League final which proves to be a solid learning curve as this group develops. It may hurt now but these images show the style in which these fans back their club. Not going anywhere soon and building for a dominant future, it's the morning after the night before where at very least, football brought people together creating fresh memories in the process.

Photography by Henry Jay Kamara


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