The power of photography is incredible. Moreover, the emotions of football are exquisite. Combine the two and it makes for one almighty equation. During the Europa League Final, one photo stood out more than any other. Captured by photographer Kenneth Nguyen, the words, 'Come on Unite, do it for Manchester' couldn't have been more poignant. Speaking to the man behind the lens, we caught up with him, fresh from capturing a timeless moment of unity.

As you went into the stadium, did you have any expectation about the tone or mood within the stadium?

"With the tragedy in the back of my head I really didn't know what to expect, should we celebrate or should we not celebrate this day? In some ways it did feel a bit unethical, but at the same time we shouldn't let the horrible act of some divide us and fill us with fear."

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When you saw the young guy holding the banner, what went through your head?

"I immediately took a photo of him, the sign said it all. I could feel this day was more than just a final for him, he was there with a message a message about being united all together no matter what colour of your jersey! I was just surprised that the traditional sports photographers didn't even notice him. He touched me with his words a young mind like his just proves our future is safe with youth like him."

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It's such a strong message of support, could you feel that energy around the stadium?

"Yeah I could definitely feel it, I was actually rooting for Ajax but mostly because they have Danes playing there. For me personally I felt that the energy was very positive from both sides. Most Ajax fans gave respect to Man U for what had happened in Manchester."

The image has travelled around the globe and united people in many ways, does this for you capture the beauty of photography?

"I've always said it's easy to take a beautiful picture, but it's even harder to take one that people will remember. Photography for me is all about storytelling and making my photos stick to people's mind. To be able to touch people with my work is an honour."

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Your style is incredibly vivid and you tell a story very well. What's your backstory? How did you find your way to photography?

"I've attempted to do a lot of different work, as a young person I was pretty troubled minded and got easily bored and it took quite long before I finished college. I started picking up photography after I saw a photo that was taken during the Norrebro riots in copenhagen in 2007, where the day after I saw that exact photo being used on the front page of a newspaper. I remember how much it touched me and how all the thoughts went through my mind. The day after I bought my first dslr and I've been shooting ever since."

Where do you draw your inspiration, are there some things you love to shoot more than others?

"From all around me, people and my travels. I love working with movies, I've done a lot of work behind the scenes and last year I got to work with Narcos season 2. But all in all I love shooting portraits and whatever has people and a story in it. Saying that I do a lot of commercial stuff and etc. it's the less interesting things that pays the bills."

You've been working with adidas, is shooting football a meeting of passions for you?

"I've been working with adidas for 5-6 years now, I've even been there longer than most of the adidas people that I work for now but no Football has never been my main thing with them, it's been on their adidas Originals stuff, but I love shooting football. The atmosphere there is amazing, you don't find anything like it anywhere else."

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Where do your aspirations lie? Is there something you'd particularly love to shoot?

"I just like to shoot, I carry my camera everywhere even when I'm going to the grocery store I have it with me. I feel lucky that my work is my passion and I intend to keep it that way. I feel very blessed."

Finally, how would you describe your connection to football? Are you a big fan?

"My connection to football is very little, my connection is to the fans and the atmosphere around it and what it does to bring people together. I respect the good sportsmanship and the game, but I respect the fans more, because with out the fans what would football be?"

You can see more work from Kenneth Nguyen, here.