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Framed #36 | USWNT v Romania

It's fair to say that the USWNT like to win games. Convincingly. Over the course of two games against Romania, an aggregate score would have been held aloft at 13-1, so it goes some way in telling the one sides story that was told with this match up. A fine way to close off 2016, it's a job very well done for one of the worlds greatest women's sides.

This game, despite finishing up a 5-0 sweep up, has been written about with "missed chances" being the operative phrase to bounce around. The USWNT commanding control throughout, there was a number of clear cut chances that went begging early on in the game which meant this demolishing was only moderately one sided. That is before we mention that over these two games against Romania, the USWNT racked up 64 shots to the Romanian's 4 of course.

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It's with ruthless efficiency and well timed delivery that the USWNT turned the screw on this one. 2-0 up at half time, their cruising speed was on point. In fairness to Romania, they deployed a reworked formation for this fixture and turned up with the bus very much parked and the wheels removed with a counter attacking game very much ready when they got the green light. Alas, it was a light that rarely shined in their favour as one way traffic waved "go" for the USWNT throughout.

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Closing the book on a 2016 chapter that provides the perfect platform for 2017, the USWNT can put any Olympic disappointments behind them. With thirteen goals over two games, this is one well played party that has got serious momentum. Backed by plenty of support as ever, it was a Stub Hub crowd that celebrated in the stands with 5 very good reasons to be cheerful. The battering ram goes on. Happy New Year.

Photography by Imad Bolotok for SoccerBible.


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