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BLAUGRANA | The Nou Camp by Tim Adorf

The magnitude of Barcelona's symbol of strength, the world over icon of architecture that is the Nou Camp - it's a jewell of emotion and an eclipse of beauty. Football at its finest.

Photographer Tim Adorf has managed to bottle a whiff of that spirit that whirls around Barcelona with his exquisite album entitled 'Blaugrana'. A visual display of excellence, the home of FCB is lit up under the lights and looks as beautiful from the outside just as much as it does from the inside.

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An excess of 100,000 people gather for the greater good of the game, it's a remarkable snapshot on the senses and surely an experience for every football fan to take in. Around the world there are stadiums that remarkably trump it's capacity, just, but few will be beaten in capturing the glory of the game in such genuine and charming fashion. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-B-A-R-C-A. See more of Tim's work, here.


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