Bournemouth fans, a couple of days on, it's still not a dream. Photographer Amy Maidment was on hand to document the night that AFC Bournemouth, in heroic fashion, virtually became a Premier League club.

It is at this point, the world starts to take notice of AFC Bournemouth. Having come close to exiting the Football League just six years ago, the success and progressive rise of the club since then has been an enviable formula of spirit, hard work and talent.

An innovative club that has been celebrated for their high standards, they have broken ground and set a new trend.

Championing creativity, this beautiful photography is testament to that – incredible scenes, documented in equally euphoric style.

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The promotion of Bournemouth, albeit sealed (there needs to be a inconceivable swing in goals for the inevitable not to happen) is a victory for football, a victory for the club and the epitome of why we love the game, just so much.

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