When the MLS was created, Philadelphia was not awarded a team. Set about to change that a supporters group was created before a team existed. Known as 'The Sons of Ben', this is their story.

Set against a feisty and passionate back drop, this story shows how the Philadelphia Union came to fruition as a direct result of fans coming together, bringing the professional game to their part of the world. Production for the film began back in 2012 and the story is a strong one. Interestingly, the latest team to join the MLS NYCFC, got their first ever league victory against Philadelphia Union last weekend - the two of them certainly share a lively set of fans but their beginnings are naturally very different.

Mark Jenkinson has overseen much of the creative development of the club, having produced numerous pieces of art work including the supporting promotional imagery for this film. Also responsible for producing the brand guidelines for a club, Mark has been instrumental inbringing the the vision to life visually. It is a truly unique club, and like many in the MLS they don't have all that many years behind them however those they do are most certainly colourful.

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There's no denying they are a heart pounding, passionate bunch. Much like the creation of FC United of Manchester, shows how fans are the true life-blood of the game. You can find out more and if you're in the US, get tickets for the premiere here which debuts on 10th June.