As the momentum gathers, Le Ballon Season 3 is drawing near. A league that is washed with players who strike an elite creative game, we've got the low down on each of those who pick up the party where 2016 left off. Words from each captain and an introduction as to what they each stand for, 2017 is looking strong.

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'CCC' - 300s
Luc Braquet shot by Ugo Richard

No retreat. No surrender. This is the law of CCC. A private supporters group that became a family and then a football team. Last year we were champions. Now, a new season has begun and we all know that 300 Spartans will fight until their last breath to defend it.

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Pub FC
Remi Macario shot by Ahmed Klink

PUB FC was founded around one concept: From the pub to the pitch.
Partners in crime when we’re drinking and soldiers on the field. We are a strong, laddish, top notch team - a bunch of lovely blokes! Inspired by the english casuals and pub culture, Public House FC lives under one banner that proclaims: LET US DRINK FOR WE MUST DIE.

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Foot Tang Clan
Clément Camus shot by Ugo Richard

Foot Tang Clan ain't about winning or losing, it ain't about money, fame or anything like that. FTC is about communion. It's about being united when everything goes down. It's about what makes football great: simplicity, friendship, family. Football, bières, [smoke] flares and fun - these are the words that describe the Foot Tang Clan. Don’t expect FTC to be sipping champagne in the PSG corporate box. We’ll be in the pub opposite Stade Bauer drowning in beer!

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River Dubplate
Nicolas “CONI” Olier shot by Ugo Richard

River Dubplate was created by DJ’s, producers and music lovers. The name pays hommage to both the legendary team of Buenos Aires, River Plate, and the dubplate format that started in sound-system culture and is seen in the English underground club scene. Our members cover all tastes, from the acid house in Manchester, the techno of Detroit, the UK funky from London, NYC hip-hop, Parisian House to the Electronic Body Music (EBM) of Belgium. Basically, we like to rave as much as we like to play football.

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Atletico Paris
Yannis Gold shot by Ugo Richard

We are a team of Parisian athletes that have faith in the Beautiful Game. A team that has beautiful football and amassing trophies in their DNA. We align athleticism with technique. We are football lovers that take our passion very seriously: we love football of high standing, players with character, a flash of technique and of course, winning. We are a group of players that are united - living an experience that will remain with us for a lifetime. The black and white immortalises these experiences while paying hommage to our iconic home - Paris.

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Paris 75ers
From the 75th Department of France, aka Paris, we are represented by the most Parisian of animals - the pigeon. We are a bunch of mates sharing their passion for football, their principle of honesty and their love for entertainment. We are Paris lovers, born and raised in the City of Lights. Paris and the Fivers mean a lot, they mean everything, they are our all.

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Bled FC
Nam Kunn shot by Ugo Richard

More than the biggest football club, Bled FC is a creative platform that explores the diversity of football. Whether it be professional, amateur, or on any other. Our passion leads us to explore playgrounds from all around the world, share unique football stories and create creative and exotic content around this beautiful sport.

We are designers, photographers, journalists and artists, from different cultures and beliefs. Football is our voice; a shared passion and a way to access to different cultures. This diversity is our strength and allows us to juggle different disciplines including fashion, culture and sport.

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Glory Hunters Football Club
Chaï Boun & Christopher Mignon shot by Thomas Francius

The latest band of brothers to integrate into Le Ballon Football League, we play with a flawless attitude and spirit. Pleasure, brotherhood and solidarity are the key words for our team, a team that doesn’t abide by the rules of ‘football culture’ past or present. This ain’t no culture!

Le Ballon training Photography by Mathias Fennetaux