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adidas Produce One-Of-A-Kind Fashion Pieces Inspired By UCL Ball

Celebrating the iconic UCL Pro Ball London, adidas has unveiled an exclusive collection of one-off fashion items created in collaboration between adidas and three of London’s top, up-and-coming fashion designers. 

The lines between football and fashion continue to get intertwined, with adidas using the crossover to celebrate the return of the Champions League with an exclusive collection of one-off fashion items created in collaboration between adidas and three of London’s top, up-and-coming fashion designers. The collection celebrates the iconic UCL Pro Ball London integrating materials from the ball itself into unique, upcycled pieces. 

French defender Jules Koundé  and Argentina midfielder, Rodrigo de Paul were consulted on the collection, visiting some of the creators in London personally during the design process. Both Koundé and de Paul will be seen sporting the pieces during their pre-match arrivals for their clubs’ respective Champions League RO16 Second-Leg fixtures on 12 and 13 March.

adi ucl 14-min.jpg
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Designed by Sophie Hird, the UCL Pro Ball London Jacket’s centrepiece is deconstructed panels of the UCL Pro Ball London into individual panels, allowing the iconic lions within it to hold centre stage. The base of each jacket is made from locally sourced, second-hand leather jackets. Each jacket was cut, cleaned then re-sewn into a new bomber-style. Elasticated waistbands, cuffs and large collars complete the 80s-inspired look.

Sophie Hird said, “In the design process I became heavily influenced by a sport called Speedway. Similar to Motocross, riders would wear these incredibly loud leather two pieces with stripes and stars across them. After seeing these and the adidas UCL Pro Ball London, I wanted to bring these two worlds together.

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The adidas UCL Pro Ball London kit bag and boot bag were designed by Helen Kirkum and are inspired by luxury holdalls and wash bags, representing football’s influence in fashion.  Classic hexagon shapes on the bags create the impression of a quilted texture, clearly showcasing the dualling lion emblem in the centre to encourage a fierce competitive spirit. On the large bag, the classic stars emblem creates a sturdy, iconic and graphic base.

Helen Kirkum said, “We are always pushing our designs to utilise and showcase alternative materials in an innovative and functional way, so it was a joy to work on a project that is as avant guard as it is practical. It was challenging working with the material of the footballs, as the sturdy and pre moulded nature makes it difficult to construct. I an super proud of the pieces we created for this project, my hope is that seeing that champions league final logo and feeling the texture of the final ball each day will provide additional motivation and support for the players.

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Finally, the beanie hats, designed by Fungibles, was created using a patchwork style with various contrasting fabrics (including wool, cotton & cashmere) with colours pulled directly from the new adidas UCL Pro Ball London design. The mesh of varying fabric is layered with screen printed artwork and a tassel accent to align with the competition’s community and energy.

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The 2024 UEFA Champions League final in London takes place on 1 June 2024 and the UCL Pro Ball London is available to purchase at

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