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Out Now: SoccerBible Magazine Issue 4

In seeking out the wild, the worn and the downright other worldly, SoccerBible Magazine Issue 4 - The Mavericks & Disruptors Issue - is here, spearheaded by our cover star, Zinedine Zidane.

Like specs of gold, few players walk on this planet with the ability to command the respect of every single participant of this beautiful game. One spec that shines brighter, with more charm, prowess and medals than most, is that of Zinedine Zidane. From humble beginnings to global icon, the man was born a maverick. His influence unrivaled, his ability unquestionable and his aura majestic, it is this great man that captures the cover of Issue 4.

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In tearing up the rules and gracing the ramshackle, Issue 4 dances close to the line lifting the lid on those that disrupt both on and off the pitch. With every grain of sand as important as the next, we bring style as we speak to those that carry the untamable tendencies, the tearaway trophy kings and the utter cool that demonstrate why football will remain both ferocious and beautiful for quite sometime.

Over 200 pages of carefully crafted stories printed on crisp, multi-layered paperstock. On all senses, this issue is a celebration of beautiful football. From Madrid to Dortmund via Broadhurst Park and Brentford; there's Bolasie to Barton, Pirlo to Ranger - a crafted look at a game from places rarely seen. Cover photography by the acclaimed Tom Johnson as we champion creativity off the pitch working with some of the most talented artists and designers to truly go the distance to create the strongest issue to date. 

Order online here. Available from newsstands worldwide from October 20th. Join the party #SoccerBibleMagazine.


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