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"I Belong To Jesus" by Rick Banks & Craig Oldham

A celebration of typography and its presence in the football world, this latest book from Rick Banks in collaboration with Craig Oldham, champions the timely messages that have lived under the shirts of many stars.

Still fairly fresh in the memory, it was the ruling of FIFA who banned players from taking ones shirt off mid-celebration. A clamp down on fears of flighty sponsors jetting off in outrage, it's meant that all those of generations gone by who dared to sport a 'why always me?' style sentiment have been lost as we look forward. Preserving the very best of them however, this book locks these iconic moments in a time capsule of football appreciation.

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Beautifully delivered and taking cues from Kaka's t-shirt he proudly unveiled after winning the 2007 Champions League, this is a book that has been designed to perfection from top to bottom. The layout symbolises the way in which a shirt would be lifted over a players head and comes packaged with limited edition t-shirt and wrapped in a delicious captains arm band. 

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What's more, you can also purchase the font which the guys have re-created and so offers you the chance to create your very own Sunday League instalment of Kaka's famous number. Something along 'Pick 'e out of the Ravine' is where our head is at.

You can find out more or pick one up here. Get in quick before FIFA stamps all over that party too.


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