'Club 99' is a project spearheaded by designer Scott McRoy that embraces a collection of the greatest players to have ever graced Pro-Evo and get a '99' rating.

A nostalgic twist that flourishes with creative style, the book brings together elite designers and illustrators who have each created a bespoke piece to live in this one-off book, of which there are only 99 printed. It features player portraits that span countless pages as they celebrate the most rock and roll football icons.

club 99_0008_Layer 5.jpg
club 99_0009_Layer 4.jpg
club 99_0007_Layer 6.jpg
club 99_0011_Layer 2.jpg
club 99_0010_Layer 3.jpg
club 99_0012_Layer 1.jpg

Scott explains, "For football fans growing up in the early 2000s, Pro Evolution Soccer was THE computer game of choice. The gaming franchise will forever have a spot in the history of football culture for the way it gripped fans and raised the bar as to what should be expected from a football game. Everyone has a tale to tell, whether it’s playing through the night at your mate’s house or finally getting promoted in Master League, memories of PES always bring a smile, happy reminders of a fun-filled youth."

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