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Burnley FC Matchday Programme 'The Turf'

With the football season well and blossoming, never more important has the next game been. In the case of Burnley, three points keeps them towards the pinnacle of the Championship and in turn, a prospective return to the Premier League. Already a division above, their matchday programme is a wonderland of beautifully delivered design.

Well told stories that are on par with the exceptionally clinical and clean design on show - From an editorial perspective it has everything. A tactile spot UV finish to it's well mannered interviews and on point imagery, the team behind this have well and truly thrown down a gauntlet for the 2016 season.

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Determined and well designed, it's a blueprint of beautiful football with retro kits and contemporary curation it's an on point pre and post match read.

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Punching towards the Premier League, the work is certainly being done behind the scenes to hit the right notes, couple that with the old school dynamite up front an experienced midfield and heaps of fresh talent all over, the performance from the club holds up as a whole. There's even room for some healthy side-burns of Joey Barton. Hat's off to those clarets.


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