In delivering a limited edition cover that personifies the creative character of one of Europe's leading playmakers, BLUP championed their animated talents by bringing the cover to life in moving video as well as timeless print.

A relatively open brief though a collaborative showcase, the vibrancy of our latest limited edition cover was brought to life with the help of BLUP. Going the distance too, they didn't stop when the ink dried, the project has been able to find forever inviting stages of fresh life. Animation bringing the motion game to the party, it's one that shifts the off the pitch to exciting places of creativity.

A cover standing tall, it's also beneath the surface that the work of BLUP continues to flourish. With the limited edition cover the team of creatives also produced the number that washes the first page. Inspired by one of the greatest number fives the game has seen, Zinedine Zidane. Wtih the French colours blending through, it's a rich celebration of multi-layered glory that positively welcomes you in.

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The SoccerBible Magazine Issue 5 limited edition cover is available here. Just 250 produced, supplies are limited.

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