Examining the history and culture around women's soccer in Zanzibar, this remarkable story follows a team of promising female players as they try and catch the eye of Tanzanian national team scouts.

A kickstarter story of success in itself, director, Megan Shutzer met the team of hopefuls in 2011. A country where football is a lifeblood, the game was common place though one regular denominator was the lack of women playing the game.

"I began to ask whether women played soccer in Zanzibar, and although most people would shake their heads and say no, every now and then someone would tell me, "Yes! There is a team." Eventually I found the New Generation Queens, sharing a field with a men's team and practicing outside the Zanzibar prison grounds. I laced up my cleats and joined them."

This film explores the opposition the women faced simply by playing the sport. With beautiful cinematography, this is an incredible story very well told. A sense of hope for football loving women in Zanzibar, it's a tremendous piece of work. Screenings of the film are limited, though let's hope that changes.