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Nike Mercurial CR7 Chapter 3: Creative Evolution by AIXSPONZA

Often, it's easy to take the creativity that embellishes the game for granted. Behind every boot there is a campaign and behind every campaign there are multiple phases of the design process. In the shape of the Nike Mercurial CR7 Chapter 3, Munich based agency AIXSPONZA were responsible for producing the lead visuals for a campaign that explored "Discovery" with explosive speed.

The third drop from Nike's signature collection with Cristiano Ronaldo, the Mercurial CR7 "Chapter 3: Discovery", is a boot that embodies a streamlined style with a gritted punch and as the evolution of these graphics detail, the journey to the finished article is often a voyage of discovery in itself.

Iteration by iteration, the work by AIXSPONZA is clinically consistent, though beautifully diverse all the same. Each stage of the journey through to the finished article (below) has been revised and while following a uniform theme, offers something wholly different from the last. Big aesthetic, defence splitting shapes and a ruthless finish ― it's brand CR7 all over.

Some description

As this 3D modelling and graphic reworking highlights, the road to end product is one of a conceptual imagination. From subtle tweaks to emphatic changes from the way the boot sits right through to the surrounding shapes, the evolution is a necessity and in this case, goes to show a snippet of design from an under the hood perspective.

You can see more work by AIXSPONZA here.


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