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Beau Jeu by The Doodle Man

The Doodle Man puts his own distinctive stamp on the official adidas 'Beau Jeu' EURO 2016 match ball by scribbling all over the centre-piece of France this summer.

You name it, the mysterious Doodle Man has doodled on it. From putting his touch on skate parks to completely covering bedrooms and bathrooms. Every free space is a blank canvas and every object is there to be modified for Mr Doodle and you can bet he's got that pen in his hand at all times. Throw a ball to 99% of people and they'll catch it, head it or kick it, not this guy. He's drawn on it. 

Some description

What started as a time passer turned into a hobby, which turned into a profession/obsession. The mural magician has taken over whole offices with his work that is spreads like wildfire and his latest project sees him stumble across the EURO 2016 official match ball. Transforming the Beau Jeu with inked inspiration, the Doodle Man has covered the ball in a variety of faces, shapes and graphics.

Some description

You can see more of The Doodle Man's work here.


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