A regular fixture when the artistic world off the pitch enters the game on it, the match poster is a proud stable of the MLS. A stand out opportunity to champion a fine cause, New York Red Bulls worked with children affected by Autism to design their most recent poster as part of their 'Autism Awareness Night'.

The unique ability that football has in bringing people together or in this instance, helping shine a light on areas of need is truly bespoke. A well worked initiative from the club in collaborating with the 'Valley Program', it's one that can be appreciated and backed by the entire footballing community.

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Giving further back story to the project a teacher from the Valley Program helped describe the experiences the children who created the poster had enjoyed. "When asked about soccer, many of the students were able to re-tell personal experiences of their time on a soccer field. When the students were shown a short video montage of a Red Bulls soccer game, they immediately got caught up in the liveliness and the excitement! Each student was then given their own creative workspace to explore, and produce their reactions on paper. They eagerly shared their ideas, emotions, and energy!"

You can see more about the project and purchase a poster here.