A countdown that started some 50 days ahead of the new MLS season, LA Galaxy graciously turned to the creative talents of The Lime Bath to help prime excitement.

The work of The Lime Bath is always of a high standard. Producing cartoon-like interpretations of boots and kit from the contemporary game as well as years gone by it preserves a moment in time from a unique perspective. Paying due care and attention to the nitty gritty, from shirt typography right through to stud configurations, we can't really get enough of the stuff.

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This series took in players from past and present as the club started to build excitement, looking ahead to the just landed, 2016 MLS season. With new LA Galaxy kit being announced in the process, fresh boots dropping too, look out for the Tiempo Legend 6 right through to the ACE16.1 among a whole raft of other goodness. Like a Where's Wally of football, the more you look, the more you appreciate. Of which, you can enjoy more from The Lime Bath here.

LA Galaxy setting a fresh standard as ever in turning their heads to the creative world - worth the wait too, they kicked off the season against D.C. United with a 4-1 win. They'll take that, I'm sure.