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Ramsey & Fellaini Confirm New Balance Deals

Aaron Ramsey and Marouane Fellaini uncovered New Balance as the new mystery brand ready to enter football by wearing boots displaying 'N' branding this weekend.

Warrior are set to rebrand themselves as their parent company New Balance in the coming months and they've now all but confirmed Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey as their lead player. The Welshman was in action on Sunday afternoon reppin' the logo of his new sponsors against Belgium, and although he came up against fellow New Balance player Fellaini the United man was still in the Warrior Gambler.  

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Ramsey had been wearing a mystery whiteout boot for the past few weeks with speculation rife as fans struggled to unveil the brand behind the cover up. The name of the silo has yet to be announced but the latest chapter of the tease has outed New Balance as the brand ready to shake up the market in 2015, hopefully with more influence than Warrior managed.

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Launch colourways and tech info of the currently unnamed silo are still being kept under-wraps but Fellaini's blackouts and Ramsey's whiteouts feature a dimple effect upper, reminiscent of the Nike HyperVenom. The fact that New Balance is a more powerful global brand than Warrior is the expected motive behind the re-brand and it offers the company a fresh start to have a second bash at the football boot market after a somewhat subdued debut silo line-up.

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Step forward New Balance football boots, let's see what you've got. First thoughts on the boots and capture of Aaron Ramsey? Let us know, drop your comments downstairs.


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