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Giacomo Raspadori Debuts Upcoming adidas Predator 24 Colourway

The Predator 24 continues to be the boot of 2024, and adidas are showing no signs of letting up, with a new colourway spotted on the feet of Italy’s Giacomo Raspadori in a recent training session.

Although we got a couple of special edition drops at the tail end of 2023, the Predator 24 didn’t officially launch until 2024, but since then it’s absolutely dominated, thanks in large part to the return of the fold-over tongue. But on the back of the last drop, the ‘Generation Pred’ (which actually didn’t feature the tongue, funnily enough), we’re now gearing up for another release in the not too distant future, with Napoli’s Giacomo Raspadori showing off a new colourway while on international duty.

raspadori 3-min.jpg
raspadori 2-min.jpg

This latest Predator 24 look features a tri-tone execution, albeit quite different from the classic Predator black, white, red that we’re used to. It’s instead set to sub out the black and white for navy and silver, with red the only colour keeping its place. It’s another unique look, with the navy and silver split between the lateral and medial sides of the boot, with the red reserved for the tongue and the trademark rubber fins.

It’s a look that’s reminiscent of the iconic Roteiro match ball from Euro 2004, which would make a certain amount of sense given the 20th anniversary of that competition and the impending Euros this summer. Something special in store, adidas?

raspadori 5-min.jpg
raspadori 4-min.jpg

Watch this space for an official launch...

Daniel Jones

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