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Gareth Bale (Wales) adidas X Speedflow +

Gareth Bale has finally made the switch out of his X 19.1 'Uniforia', testing out the world of laceless X Speedflow +, training in the 'Edge of Darkness' colourway for Wales ahead of their Nations League matches against The Netherlands and Belgium.

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Gareth Bale (Wales) adidas X Speedflow .1

And having made one change, in classic London-bus style, two come along at once. Bale obviously didn't fancy the laceless X Speedflow +, and so made another switch, this time into the laced X Speedflow .1 from the 'Showdown Pack'.

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James McClean (Republic of Ireland) adidas X Speedflow +

Sticking with the Adidas 'Showdown Pack' and there was a surprise appearance in the X Speedflow + from the Republic of Ireland's James McClean at the training camp this weekend. McClean is something of a regular on Boot Spotting, but usually for his varied selection of Nike Mercurials, so strange to see him in the Three Stripes.

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Thilo Kehrer (Germany) Nike Tiempo Legend IX

Nike dropped the 'Progress Pack' back in April, and as with the 'Blueprint' pack, it did not originally feature a Tiempo Legend IX. But now it looks like there is one on the way after Germany's Thilo Kehrerlaced up in the new colourway in his side's 1-1 draw with Hungary.

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Thomas Muller (Germany) adidas X Speedportal .1

We've seen the blacked out prototype doing the rounds for several months now, but Thomas Muller has given us one of the first looks at what we now know is the Adidas X Speedportal .1, in what appears to be the launch colourway. Guess this one will be officially with us sooner rather than later.

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Luka Menalo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Lotto Solista 100 IV Gravity

Rare sighting for Italian brand Lotto's standard bearer, the Solista 100 IV Gravity, and it was a goal-scoring appearance at that, with the laceless variety spotted on the feet of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Luka Menalo, who scored in his side's 1-1 draw with Montenegro.

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Denzel Dumfries (The Netherlands) adidas X 99.1

Denzel Dumfries scored The Netherlands' second in their 2-2 Nations league draw with Poland, and he did so in the limited edition adidas X 99.1, a super lightweight construction inspired by the first ever F50 in 2004.

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Leandro Kappel (Suriname) Nike Mercurial Superfly V

Suriname's Leandro Kappel opted to roll the clock back to 2017 for his side's match with Mexico, lacing up in the Nike Mercurial Superfly V from the 'Time to Shine' pack. Mexico won that match 3-0.

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Hans-Dieter Flick (Germany) adidas Predator Pulse

Don't you hate it when your coach rocks up in better boots than you? Well that's how most of the Germany squad should've been feeling this week, after Hans-Dieter Flick laced up in the 'Legends Pack' Predator Pulse. Classy.

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Vitinha (Portugal) Nike Mercurial Vapor 14

Some interesting/odd lacing choices coming out of the Portugal camp, and first up is Vitinha, who opted to wear his Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 without laces in his side's match with Switzerland.

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Bernardo Silva (Portugal) adidas X Speedflow .1

And the second weird lacing choice from the Portugal camp came from Man City's Bernardo Silva, who opted to go a bit old school, wrapping his laces under his boot. Very odd technique to use for modern boots.