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A week full of dramatic conclusions to competitions has thrown us plenty of ammunition for this week’s Boot Spotting, including some new and upcoming releases, signature editions and throwback classics. Let’s see who made the list…

bs malard 1-min.jpg
bs malard 2-min.jpg

Melvine Malard (Olympique Lyonnais) adidas Predator Edge +

This weekend saw Olympique Lyonnais triumph over Barcelona in the women's Champions League final, winning 3-1. And what better occasion to wear the adidas 'Showdown Pack', which is what Lyon's Melvine Malard opted for, switching into the Predator Edge + for the match.

bs de paul 1-min.jpg
bs de paul 2-min.jpg

Rodrigo De Paul (Atletico Madrid) adidas X Speedflow .1

Atletico Madrid sealed third place in La Liga with a 1-2 win over Real Sociedad on the last day, and Rodrigo De Paul opened the scoring for them, aptly wearing the adidas X Speedflow .1 from the 'Showdown Pack'.

bs ASM 1-min.jpg
bs ASM 2-min.jpg

Allan Saint-Maximin (Newcastle) PUMA Ultra SL

Ever the showman, Allan Saint-Maximin laced up in the PUMA Ultra SL from last year's 'Super Tech Pack', providing the assist for Callum Wilson's second in the 0-2 win that relegated Burnley.

bs ibarra 1-min.jpg
bs ibarra 2-min.jpg

Romario Ibarra (Pachuca) adidas X Speedflow .1

During the semifinal first leg match between Club America and Pachuca, Romario Ibarra was spotted wearing the Mo Salah 'Prepare for Battle' signature X Speedflow .1. He went on to score twice in the second leg, with Pachuca winning 4-1 on aggregate.

bs keane 1-min.jpg
bs keane 2-min.jpg

Moise Kean (Juventus) adidas X Speedflow El Retorno

Juve's Moise Kean opted for the Messi 'El Retorno' signature edition adidas X Speedflow during training last week, but he didn't stick with them for his side's 2-0 loss to Fiorentina.

bs barbosa 1-min.jpg
bs barbosa 2-min.jpg

Rafael Barbosa (CD Tondela) adidas X Speedflow Mi Historia

Completing a hat trick of signature spots for the week, and it was in the Taca de Portugal ( Portugal Cup) that Tondela's Rafael Barbosa was seen in the Messi 'Mi Historia' signature X Speedflow. Couldn't stop Porto coming out on top 3-1.

bs matthys 1-min.jpg
bs matthys 2-min.jpg

Herve Matthys (ADO Den Haag) PUMA King Platinum Vegan

During the Dutch Keukenkampioendivisie Playoffs Semi Final Second Leg match (phew) between FC Eindhoven and ADO Den Haag, Herve Matthys gave a rare appearance to the PUMA King Platinum 'Vegan', a boot made entirely of vegan materials.

bs burn 1-min.jpg
bs burn 2-min.jpg

Dan Burn (Newcastle United) Nike Phantom GT II

Newcastle's towering centre back tested out a little switch in training, lacing up the special edition Nike Phantom GT 'Scorpion', which originally dropped back in November 2020, bringing with it a throwback power punch of pure pleasure that paid homage to the Secret Tournament.

bs moura 1-min.jpg
bs moura 2-min.jpg

Lucas Moura (Tottenham Hotspur) Next Gen adidas X prototype

Lucas Moura is the latest athlete to give a test run to the prototype of the next generation adidas X, opting for the clean laceless '+' version. With more and more sightings of this one we can expect it in the near future.

bs poborsky 1-min.jpg
bs poborsky 2-min.jpg

Karel Poborsky (Manchester United Legends) Nike Tiempo Legend VI

This week saw the 'Legends of the North' match between Liverpool Legends and Manchester United Legends. So as well as old players rolling out, there were plenty of classic boots on show too. Our picks were firstly Karel Poborsky in the Nike Tiempo Legend VI.

bs kvarme 1-min.jpg
bs kvarme 2-min.jpg

Bjorn Tore Kvarme (Liverpool Legends) adidas Predator Powerswerve

And the other highlight was Bjorn Tore Kvarme in the adidas Predator Powerswerve. Liverpool Legends came out on tops in the scoring front, 3-1, but it was pretty even on the throwback boots.

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