New Balance look on the cusp of their first release of the year after Sadio Mané was seen training in the next generation Furon, and it looks like it has undergone some major work, with the introduction of a knitted upper.

Preparing for its sixth iteration, New Balance look to have given the Furon a fairly significant overhaul, with the most notable change being the introduction of a knitted upper – a first for the brand. But while they’ve opted for the switch to knit, interestingly they’ve stuck with a low cut, ribbed collar. We’d have to check with Mané, but it looks pretty comfy if we’re being honest.


The fact that the Liverpool man is wearing a coloured version of what is likely to be called the V6 as opposed to a black out suggests that the launch could well be imminent. The look sees a purple colouring in the forefoot fading back through a graded graphic to a lighter red in the rear. But this is actually more than just a graphic – it looks to be a part of the construction that will offer the mid foot rigidity that is necessary in a knitted boot. The colourings also wrap down across the soleplate, while a strong silver ‘NB’ logo appears across the forefoot, stretching down the lateral side for a nice finish.

While this is unlikely to be a signature edition of the Furon, there is every chance that Mané may well be the only New Balance athlete to make the switch into the next-gen silo. He has been in scintillating form for Liverpool this season, with the Reds dominating at the top of the table, and after losing out on the partnership deal with them recently, New Balance will be desperate to hold on to the Senegal man in the face of the big boys sniffing around. Initial impressions of the Furon V6 are very positive though, and if Mané can continue in the form he’s currently in with them on his feet then New Balance should be on to a winner.


Watch this space for any news regarding the release of the New Balance Furon V6.