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Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan) PUMA King Platinum RL

Romelu Lukaku has been given his first-ever pair of signature boots, the King Platinum RL, a boot that pays homage to the King that his father wore when he played professionally. Big Rom took them for a spin in training this week, swapping out of his usual ONE 5.1.

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Kieran Trippier (Atletico Madrid) adidas Nemeziz 19.1

Kieran Trippier hasn't just stopped with a change of club this summer, as it appears the former Spurs man has switched from the Swoosh to the Three Stripes, pulling on the adidas Nemeziz 19.1 from the 'Hard Wired' Pack for Atletico's opening La Liga match against Getafe, a game they won 1-0, with Trippier getting the assist for Morata's goal.

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David Luiz (Arsenal) adidas COPA 19.1

Another player changing things up on the pitch following a summer switch, and David Luiz played in Arsenal's 2-1 win against Burnley in the adidas COPA 19.1 from the 'Hard Wired' Pack. Before he left Chelsea he was in Nike, while he's been swapping between the COPA and Predator since joining the Gunners.

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Marcelo Brozovic (Inter Milan) Nike Mercurial Vapor XIII

There's been something of trend recently that's seen players removing the laces on their Mercurial Vapor XIII and Superfly VI, and Inter's Marcelo Brozovic is the latest player to test it out. Nike have yet to release a fully laceless boot, but it appears the demand is there from certain pros. A matter of time?

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Antoine Griezmann (Barcelona) PUMA Future

Both Antoine Griezmann and Luis Suarez were spotted training in a mystery black PUMA boot this week, with indications suggesting that it is the next generation of the Future. It appears that there is a slight revamp on the forefoot, while the Netfit system still looks like it plays a prominent part in the construction.

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Nélson Semedo (Barcelona) Nike Mercurial Vapor XIII

Sticking with Barca, and Nélson Semedo was showing off the capabilities of Nike By You, training in a Mercurial Vapor XIII that boasted a red base with personalised details across the rear foot graphic in white.

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Jorginho (Chelsea) Nike Tiempo Legend VIII

Chelsea's defensive midfielder, Jorginho, has been playing in a variation of the 'Under The Radar' Nike Tiempo Legend VIII, which doesn't feature the usual texturing found on the new generation of the silo. Instead, the Italian's boot looks like it has been ironed out.

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Lucas Orban (Racing Club) adidas Adipower Predator XTRX

Racing Club's season didn't pick up this week as they crashed 6-1 to River Plate. Highlight of the match for Racing fans would have been centre back Lucas Orban pulling 2011's lightweight adidas Adipower Predator TRX out of the vault.

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Robinho (Medipol Basaksehir) Nike Mercurial Vapor NJR Silencio

Yep, Robinho's still playing, and in the absence of his own signature boot the Brazilian has opted for his compatriot, Neymar's most recent signature style, the Mercurial Vapor NJR 'Silencio'.

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Billy Bodin (Preston North End) Nike Mercurial Vapor XII

Billy Bodin wore the 1998 World Cup inspired Mercurial Vapor XII from the Mercurial Heritage Pack this week as his side were narrowly beaten 3-2 by Swansea. Such an iconic look, hard to miss and always a pleasure to see.

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DMani Bughail-Mellor (Manchester United U23) Nike Phantom VNM

D'Mani Bughail-Mellor scored the opener in Man United U23's 2-0 win over Reading U23's, and he did so in the Nike Phantom VNM from the 'Under The Radar' pack. With 'New Lights' being Nike's on-pitch pack, it's not often you get to see the 'Under The Radar' boots in action.