Taking to the field in the Champions League wearing an all new blacked-out boot is certainly one way to build hype ahead of an official release. With Juventus taking on Manchester United at the Allianz Stadium, Paulo Dybala showed off adidas Football's latest innovation as the wait continues for an official announcement.

By now we all know what we're looking at is the upcoming adidas COPA 19 and while nothing is confirmed at this point, you can bet on it being a pretty big deal. Closing out the year with arguably their biggest innovation of 2018, adidas are reintroducing their most iconic boot franchise and are using none other than Paolo Dybala to do so.

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But before things are made official, there's the familiar trick of teasing the release with an on-pitch appearance in full black-out mode. Step forward Paolo Dybala. The Argentinian is poised to become the lead face of COPA in a big move by adidas that shows their ambitions for the new boot. Dybala previously wore the adidas GLITCH during the 2018 World Cup before moving into the X 18+ at the start of the season.

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Visually the new boot is a radical departure from the original COPA Mundial and more recent COPA Gloro series. Featuring a laceless design with distinct cushioning and a wavy aesthetic, the boot is made up of what looks to be a single piece leather upper that's met with a knitted mid-cut collar. Dyabla's boots are signed off with 'AREA 19' and the date of the Champions League match.

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Spoiler alert, check out D.C. United's Nick DeLeon for an ahead of schedule look at the official launch colourway. In other related news, read why signing Paulo Dybala was vital for adidas.

Stay tuned for more official news on the adidas COPA 19 coming soon.