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David Neres Trains in Blackout Mercurial Superfly

A World Cup is the ultimate platform for brands to showcase their most innovative work. It's a tournament that starts in June 2018, but for Nike it kicked off almost two years ago when they started plans on the next-generation Mercurial. A boot that we're beginning to see on training grounds, and a boot that will headline their charge in to Russia.

The Swoosh has yet to make a first move in 2018, and while the next chapter of the Mercurial series won't be launching until nearer the end of the domestic season, Nike are flexing their muscles by dishing out their 2018 showpiece to a number of their contracted players to seek feedback and build hype. The latest player to slip into the Superfly being Ajax youngster David Neres.


Nike usually favour a March/April release for a big pre-tournament boot, and with the Superfly V launching in March 2016 in New York, we're on course for a Spring 2018 release as we enter the climax of the European season before all attentions turn to Russia. As for the boot itself, Neres' Superfly displays some of the more distinct changes that Nike have activated.

The biggest difference in comparison to the fifth-fifth-gen Superfly comes in the shape of the collar that features a different cut shape to what we've seen previously. The upper has also been given some noticeable changes. A smoother material replaces the “Speed Rib” 3D texture of the Superfly V. 


David Neres joins the ever-growing list of Nike player to be spotted in the next-generation Mercurial. CR7 and Neymar will naturally headline the Mercurial Superfly and Vapor respectively in Russia, and unsurprisingly both players have played their part in the testing phase. Ronaldo has switched in and out of the hi-collared Superfly in recent months, while Neymar has put the lo-cut Vapor through its paces. Tottenham Hotspur's Serge Aurier also providing the clearest look at how Nike are planning to host the Swoosh design on the upper of the new series.

nike-aurier-1-min.jpg neymar-blackout-cr.jpg neymar-blackout-1-min.jpg
nike-aurier-2-min.jpg Ronaldo3.jpg neymar-blackout-2-min.jpg

Stay tuned for the latest on what's to come from the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI.


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