Zamora in New Under Armour Football Boots


            Looks like Bobby Zamora is happy with his new boots, as he continues to wear the prototype Under Armour football boots whilst on international duty with England. We've got some close-up images of what could be the new Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro II football boots, and it's not just Zamora who's a fan of the latest offering from the American brand.
      Despite their relative infancy in the game, in three short years Under Armour have made huge strides in football boots development. From the early days of the Dominate and the Create, Under Armour have moved on to stronger silo's like the Hydrastrike and Blur. But it's with the Hydrastrike where UA have realised the potential and performance of leather, especially then they incorporate some of their own innovative technologies.


      But it's not the first time we've seen the prototype Under Armour football boots Bobby Zamora has been sporting. When we recently met with Tottenham defender Michael Dawson, he was wearing the same whited football boots which gave us an even closer look at the boots.
      So what can we expect if these are the new Hydrastrike Pro II football boots? Well, again it looks like a predominantly leather upper with two-grades of material, we can also spy on Zamora's boot the H20i symbol which means they've undergone the waterproofing process. The lacing seems to be more asymmetrical, and continues further into the toe area for a better fit, and UA also looked to have dispensed with their conical studs in favour of tapered blades.
      If these are the new Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro II football boots, what do we think? And are we impressed with how UA are improving and emerging as a force in the game? Share your opinions with the SoccerBible community
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