New adidas Boot Technology Tested

      SoccerBible have received these exclusive images of AC Milan defender Mattia de Sciglio at the adidas training base, in what looks to be a pair of prototype boots fitted with some innovative technology.
      Since the launch of the adizero there's been a huge buzz around adidas, and after raising the bar for boot performance it seems they're not prepared to rest on their laurels, instead they are once again pushing the boundaries of boot development.
      It was two months ago SoccerBible received an exclusive image of some ground-breaking boot technology, and what started as a rumour and possibly even a hoax looks to have become reality. Mattia de Sciglio clearly has an additional chamber in the outsole of his boots, and although it's unconfirmed an educated guess would say that micoach technology is being utilised.
      For us boot fans this really is the stuff of dreams, the concept of having technology can that monitor your performance! Currently, the world's elite clubs use a host of technology at an enormous expense to gain stats on a players' performance, well imagine this technology and information being available to the general boot-buying public.
      With these images we are genuinely starting to believe this technology could become reality and available to all. Just imagine finishing a game for your local team, and comparing your stats with your fellow midfielders and seeing who ran the furthest. Or better still, imagine if you could compare your sprint speed with the world's best, and find out you're faster than Messi!
      Certainly adidas are moving into dream territory, it's the kind of innovation that when you were younger thought the game could evolve into, but now could become reality!
      As always, stay tuned to the SoccerBible for the latest breaking football boot news. But what a concept adidas could be about to unleash on the boot market, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this revolutionary technology, and being able to record and analyse your own performance after every game...Share your opinions with the SoccerBible community online, on Twitter and on Facebook.