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Pogba Stars in adidas 'Never Follow' Film

As confident in front of a camera as he is with a ball at his feet, there was only one man adidas were going to call up to star in their premier 'Never Follow' film, featuring the new ACE 17+ Purecontrol film. Mr Paul Pogba.

Picking up the pace of the 'First Never Follows' campaign, the film plays on Pogba's extravagant lifestyle as adidas encourage young players to make their own headlines. Boot deals, fashion endorsements, shirt signings and signature dance moves – that's what Paul Pogba has created on the back off his footballing ability. But, that's Paul Pogba. Adidas are asking what you'd do differently, and to do it.

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Football is part of the entertainment industry and while many players hide themselves away before and after those 90 minutes in the spotlight, Paul Pogba is a player who feels that his social life and his presence in the public eye away from the pitch is part of the job of being an entertainer. More than just a key asset for the Three Stripes, Pogba is a brand in himself, whether the performances on the pitch match or not. Influencing a new generation of confidence, he's the perfect endorsement for a brand that is flying right now off the back of each other's success.

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The launch film urges aspiring young footballers to focus on creating their own path, rather than emulating their heroes. A voiceover from a young player declares that he is not interested in mimicking the style of the professionals; he just wants their boots so he has the tools to create for himself. As for Pogba, he'll be wearing the Red Limit ACE 17+ PURECONTROL for Manchester United from this week and throughout December. Take a closer look at the adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol here.

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