Last year Storelli announced themselves as the new kids on the block with their confident swagger and game-changing attitude to protection. Now, the Brooklyn-based brand have recruited two of football's big boys to join their movement as Iker Casillas and Chelsea's Oscar become the first to sign up.

Whether you have all the dribbling ability and agility of Oscar or the reflexes and leadership of Casillas, it's irrelevant if you're sat on the sidelines nursing an avoidable injury. The obvious yet technologically advanced concepts of Storelli cannot be denied – the brand's purpose is to keep you on the pitch to allow you to perform at your best.

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The two Storelli recruits star in the brand's new adrenaline fueled, full-blooded video where Oscar and Casillas run secret underground ‘fight club’ training sessions to teach a new breed of athletes that there is a dark side to the Beautiful Game. The dirty side of game, complete with all of its off-the-ball-knocks, late tackles and loose elbows that can change the course of your season. Using Storelli as their secret advantage the players are unfazed by those dirty tactics whilst having the complete confidence to play fearlessly.

"People think of soccer as the beautiful game, but it’s hard out there. Injuries are costly in this game. So, as players, we do everything we can to protect ourselves. There is no reason for us not to be prepared. Storelli elevates my game and helps me to gain an advantage over my opponents." Chelsea and Brazil midfielder Oscar explains.

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"We have joined forces to motivate a new generation of soccer players to be smarter, more prepared and more focused on potential vs. their limits." Iker Casillas.

A real sign of intent by Storelli with two athletes that believe in the brand. A World Cup winning goalkeeper in a position where protection is valued higher than anywhere else on the pitch and a young midfielder whose trickery and talent is often on the end of some over-the-top defending to stop him. Play on.

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