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New Balance have taken us behind-the-scenes on their first ever football ad directed by award winning filmmaker Marie Schuller. Going backstage New Balance reveal how the fast-paced film dominated by a gripping lighting display was put together.

Aaron Ramsey, Adnan Januzaj, Samir Nasri, Fernando, Vincent Kompany, Marouane Fellaini and Jesus Navas were all on-set together as New Balance's showed off their squad of Premier League stars as well as marking the latest chapter in their adventure into the football market with the launch of their debut ad. 

Film Director, Marie Schuller gave an insight into the production; "There were two elements to this film, a fast paced, energetic, abstract and unique element and the other side is almost the opposite, it's very basic and honest, an insight into these players personalities. All the players were excited and motivated to be part of this project."

The video titled "#NBFootball" represents a entry of a new big player within the football industry and Schuller wanted to send out a message; "We built the biggest lighting rig I've ever seen on set, it was important to us to present something new and different, and we totally disregarded all modes of filmamking and just did something that's very visually gripping."

The first collection of New Balance boots will be available at retail from July 2015. Anyone tempted to make a switch?

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