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Part Three of the Risk Everything campaign launches as a 5-minute animated film featuring some of the world's greatest footballers on a mission to save football from the hands of a villainous mastermind.

Neymar, Ronaldo, Luiz, Howard, Iniesta, Ribery & Zlatan are joined by a rather chunkier-than-he-would-have-liked looking Wayne Rooney to take football back from some geezer named 'The Scientist', who has created The Clones, automatons programmed to remove all risk-taking and focus only on efficiency, decision-making and results.

Brasilian legend Ronaldo decides he's had enough and assembles a group of the world's most brilliant players to play The Clones in a one off match. El Fenomeno rescues Zlatan from a bookstall, Ronaldo as a window mannequin, and Iniesta from a farm.

"The idea behind ‘The Last Game’ is to show the world that Nike, like any true lover of football, believes that the game should be daring and bold. Having the confidence to take risks is absolutely vital in football. Imagine a world without the brilliance of Cristiano Ronaldo, the acrobatics of Zlatan or the wizardry of Neymar,” said Nike’s Chief Marketing Officer Davide Grasso.

It's all a bit Disney meets Playstation and we like that. Have a watch of the Nike 'The Last Game' Video and let us know what you think. Leave your comments below.

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