The adiPower pre-cooling vest and sleeves concept will be delivered to all adidas federations to help them stay cool in the Brazilian heat this summer.

So how does it work? Pay attention because this is clever. The vest has been in development for a number of years and is designed to help players prepare for games in warm climates [temperatures of 24°C+] by reducing body temperatures and delaying the onset of heat-induced fatigue. Got it so far? Good.

A bunch of three striped boffins have figured out that the lower arms and upper back are the body’s primary cooling areas and this is where they've placed a number of hyper absorbent granule zones.

Designed so that there is no direct ice in contact with the skin, the garments are stored in a freezer to maintain a temperature of close to freezing for 15-20 minutes, allowing players a suitable cooling period whilst playing in Brazil.

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When will it be worn? The adiPower pre-cooling vest and sleeves will be worn as players warm up for matches or during half time at the World Cup. Teams that have been supplied with the technology include Germany, Argentina, Colombia and Spain.

Don't just take our word for it. Trust Dr Maarten Hupperets, Senior Researcher at adidas, he's a doctor. “With some match temperatures in Brazil expected to be as warm as 30°c this summer, the adiPower pre-cooling concept will ensure body temperatures stay low and allow the world’s best players to perform at their optimum level. Our cutting edge product development reinforces the position of adidas as the global leader of innovation in football and the technology of the adiPower pre-cooling vest and sleeves will help adidas players to succeed on the world’s greatest football stage.”

What do you think of the adidas adiPower pre-cooling vest? Clever, eh? Drop us a line in the comments.