Liverpool forward Sadio Mané has become the latest player to get his own documentary, with “Made in Senegal” being released for free on Rakuten TV. It focuses on his journey in the game, from his beginnings in Africa to his rise as a Reds star, along with his crowning as African player of the year 2019, and then up to his off-field activities and plans for the future.

Ah, something football related to watch! “Made in Senegal” takes an in-depth look at the rise of Liverpool forward Sadio Mané. It’s a story about will, dreams, determination, faith, rebellion, courage and love. The film takes the viewer on a journey through Mané´s different and highly diverse worlds – from the rural life in a small village in the far south of Senegal to the spotlight of world football, playing for Liverpool, with whom he won the Champions Leagues as number 10 with the world watching.

mane 1-min.jpg

The documentary features a diverse set of in-depth interviews and archive footage, as Mané himself brings his past to life. “I wanted to show people that you can get anything in the world if you are ready to bet on your dreams and work hard to make them come true. I am Made in Senegal” Mané explained.

'Sadio Mané: Made in Senegal' is exclusively available across Europe on Rakuten TV’s free Rakuten Stories channel from 8 April.