Hitting up the streets of São Paulo for their latest lookbook, NSS Magazine's Les Vêtements de Football collection returns with a fresh set of vintage football shirts mixed with twisted fashion logos.

Following on from the fifth paparazzi-styled drop in April, Les Vêtements de Football delivers more throwback gold with high-end fashion labels and a drop of light-hearted, football-themed humour. Launching deep into the business end of the 2018 World Cup the collection features a blend of international and domestic shirts, each whipped into a bespoke style.

Themed with Brazilian flavour, the lookbook takes to São Paulo to showcase the shirts that each feature a transformed sponsor from the premium world of fashion. Balenciaga, Vetements and COMME des GARÇONS are all returning designs, with Gucci and Burberry also getting in on the act. 

1-vetements-wc-18.jpg 3-vetements-wc-18.jpg 5-vetements-wc-18.jpg 8-vetements-wc-18.jpg 10-vetements-wc-18.jpg 12-vetements-wc-18.jpg 15-vetements-wc-18.jpg
2-vetements-wc-18.jpg 4-vetements-wc-18.jpg 6-vetements-wc-18.jpg 7-vetements-wc-18.jpg 11-vetements-wc-18.jpg 14-vetements-wc-18.jpg 13-vetements-wc-18.jpg

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