Just days away from the start of the 16/17 Premier League season with fresh boots in tow, we caught up with Kevin De Bruyne to get a little glimpse behind the eyes of one of the most creative players from the top table of football. He's ready.

How have you found pre-season, have you slotted right back into it?

"I just started last Friday so now for me, it's more about the physical work because I'm a little bit behind the others. Obviously I didn't lose too much ground because of the Euros but for now it's important to come back as quick as possible so I can get into a great shape and help the team."

You've switched from the Mercurial to the new Magista II, how have you found that transition?

“I feel good. I had played in the Mercurial since my teens but once I had tried out the Magista II a few times I was ready to make a change. It is light, so I can cover all the ground I need to, but gives me a feel for the ball that’s right for my game.”

The Magista is a creative boot all over. Would you say you share those characteristics?

"I’m a creative player on the pitch. This is the boot for me, personally – the foot feels connected to the ball, the fit is great and I can move quickly and confidently in different directions.”

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What can you tell us about working with Pep? How excited are you for that?

"I'm excited. I've been in a few meetings and been following the training. It's been a little more tactical as he has a lot of ideas. I'm looking forward to being able to play and put these tactics into practice."

Where did your attacking nature come from? Did you grow up watching certain players or has it always been a case of naturally attacking and creating chances?

"Yeah I think it's more like when I was little, I would always move closer towards the goal. I always wanted to score and create something. I think it's always been in me to play more offensively than defensively.

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As a kid growing up, who were the playmakers you were looking at thinking, “I would love to play like them"? 

"I really looked up to Zidane and Ronaldinho. Two completely different playmakers but yeah, they were incredible. Everyone has their own style but I just like the way that they play at that moment.

What does that moment feel like when you have the chance to play that killer pass, does it excite you?

"At that moment, I think I'm more focused than anything. You just want to be able to help a team mate to score goals so you can win ultimately. The excitement mostly comes when it goes into the back of the net."

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Coming in and training everyday at Manchester City’s incredible facilities, does that give you an edge that you thrive on?

"Yeah, I mean ever since I was young, I like to be competitive. No matter which game, I'm always competitive. It's a long way off but that will be one of the biggest things I would probably miss when I don’t play the game any more.”

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Kevin de Bruyne trains and plays in the Nike Magista II. You can pick up a pair, here.