Kicking his trade in the X15, adidas and Theo Walcott have settled in rather well together. Leading the front line at Arsenal, the dynamic forward is enjoying some of the best football of his career. We caught up Theo to chat adidas, Arsenal and England.

Theo, the Premier League is as wide open as it's ever been going into December. You must be looking at it thinking this is a great chance for Arsenal to win it?

“Yeah, this is the period when one team usually grabs it by the scruff of the neck, but nobody seems to have done that yet. It just shows how competitive the league is. Each team is getting better each year and you can't really call any game these days. We believe in what we have in this team. The Premier League is there for us, but obviously we need to do the business on the pitch. We can't look too far ahead, but we've got to believe in ourselves.”

We're talking about a league that you've played in for almost ten years now and you're still only 26. How do you look back on and summarise that decade?

“Yeah it's crazy to think that I've been at the club for 10 years now. When I first joined it was very daunting as you can imagine. I was 16 year old and just moved to the club that had won the league the season before. But I had that belief given to me from the manager from the first day, and I believed that I was good enough to be there. That was a massive thing for me.”

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How are things different now that you're one of the more experienced players?

“Nowadays a lot of the younger players come up to me and ask me for all sorts of advice. I like to help the players coming through the ranks. It's important for any club that there's a new crop of players coming through the academy and I'm always there to help them. I'm only 26 but I've been through a lot and have experienced a lot in the game.”

Do you still feel like you've got a lot to give?

“Of course, there's definitely more to give but I'm not too focused on the next few years. This year is massive for us. There's the busy Christmas period coming up which is always a challenge. Obviously the Euro's are not too far away now but again, I won’t be too focused on that until the end of the season. It's more important for me to be playing well for Arsenal and as long as that's happening then everything else should go well.”

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Have the signings of Alexis and Özil brought that superstar staus back to Arsenal?

“I think so yeah. You see the likes of Mesut and Alexis, they've taken us to a new level. When you're playing with better players it's going to get the best out of you. They've won things and you want winners in your team.”

“When we signed Mesut a couple of season's ago, that was the one that really struck me. The players that he's worked with and the fact that he's now a World Cup winner really sets him apart. Also being left footed is a good tool to have on the pitch. He likes players that move with pace and that fits my bill straight away, so to have someone like that who will just play the ball you want without even thinking about it is a dream to have. Alexis does some mad things in training that people will never even see – I don't know he does it half of the time. That's what these players do though, they create special moments that can change a game completely.”

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You've been an adidas player for nearly a year now. How are you enjoying working with the brand?

“Yeah it's worked out well. I felt like I wanted something new and the timing felt right. I scored an FA Cup Final goal wearing the boots, so things got off to a good start. For me it's all about comfort & how I feel both in the boots and with the people that I work with I'm pleased with the way the whole thing is going.”

You joined adidas at a time just before they had a huge shake up on their boot line. Was that exciting to be a part of?

“Yeah it was something that people didn't expect to be honest. but that's exactly the kind of thing I want to be a part of as the brand develops.”

On the pitch you're wearing the X15. How closley do you work with the design team?

“Obviously when it comes to the team, if there's something with the boot that I'd like tweaking then they'll change it. Mostly though I'm easy on whatever boots I wear. The knitted versions are very comfortable and that's what you want; you just want comfort. At times it feels like there's nothing on my feet, which is exactly what you want because you don't want any distractions. When you find a boot that gives you that, everything seems to flow well on the pitch. Maybe I'll get to design my own boot one day, who knows!”

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You must be looking ahead to EURO 2016 with a lot of excitement?

“For sure. The last international game I played in I scored at Wembley which is always a great experience. Delivering on the international stage is the next big step for me and something I know I need to do. Like I say though, it will only come if I continue to play well for Arsenal. I'm confident in myself though and this England team is very young and fearless. You want that going into a tournament, where other teams don't know what to expect. I think we could do very well next summer.”

What keeps you occupied away from football these days?

“Now, family. I think my mindset is completely different to what it was before. When you've got a little one running around the house it puts everything into perspective. The way I was brought up, I was always a family person. All of my family are great with people and I'd like to think that has rubbed off on me; I'll never change. If you ask my best mate Bell, from when I was three he would say I haven't changed much at all.

The Ballon d'Or is coming up. Who would you like to see take the trophy?

“Some part of me thinks this year belongs to Neymar. Every time I've seen him play he just looks special. It would be nice for him personally and it would show that it's not just two players who can win it if you work hard enough and make a name for yourself.”

Theo Walcott wears the adidas X15.1. Snag a pair for yourself here.

Photography: Amy Maidment