As Joma drop an updated paint job on their Propulsion 3.0 boot we sit down with the design team to talk about the tech and innovation behind their new silo. The tech bods at the Spanish brand talked us through the boot from the eccentric colourway to the design process they undertook.

Which is the concept/inspiration that there is behind the boot?

The original project was the creation of a new boot concept that Joma hadn't addressed before, based on a futuristic design and that would continue the tendencies in the market. Due to the product type, we wanted to reflect the concepts of movement, strength and speed. The inspiration was taken from the decomposition of glass, that once it was hit with strength, it breaks apart in irregular pieces, with straight lines that fly out with a high speed. In the boot, the upper’s radical print design represents this fragmentation.

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Can you explain the choice of colors?

In 2014, the strategies of the football boot market are determined by the World Cup in Brasil and the colorful character and happiness from this country. For this reason, we decided to use a striking and contrast palette. We came to a final design starting with a color base and progressive breakdowns of the uppers design.

When did you start designing the Joma Propulsion 3.0?

We started work on the Propulsion 3.0 at the end of 2012 so from initial design to delivery will have been around 18 months.

Can you explain us a little about the technology used in the Propulsion?

Propulsion 3.0 is designed specifically for fast players that demand very light boots. Which is why its weight is just 247 gr. The materials used are ultra light microfiber with waterproof system with a pigment layer on the outer surface of the boot. To take away the weight the weight we made utilization of FLATLOCK seams that eliminate the surplus thread in addition to contributing to the comfort of the boot and to avoiding chafing and blisters

The heel adjustment is a perfect result of the utilization of a M COUNTER system that consists of a buttress created exclusively in order to adapt to the shape of the heel. The insole is made of a material called BLOW UP which is thermo comfortable and absorbs the tread impact; it recovers the shape quickly and reduces the disfiguration with use. This means that the base of the insole remains flat and eliminates pressure thus avoiding plantar lesions.

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Do you analyze other sports in search of innovation and inspiration?

The footwear tendencies of the majority of sports disciplines often go parallel each season, that’s why we must do an analysis of the sports footwear market overall. On the other hand, other external elements like art and nature also are focused on for the inspiration of designs in Joma. It´s necessary to conjure well the demands of the market, the adequate resources for the product range which you work on and the personal inspiration.

How does it feel to see someone using your boots?

Design is a very abstract job and in order to see your idea materialized, I have to work and develop many more designs that are never seen. For this reason, when we see that a product has a lot of work behind and when it's involving every department area of the brand, it really makes us all feel very proud. All of our Joma workmates have a true passion for the brand and we all take a great deal of pride when we see teams and players wearing Joma.

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Are there any favorite Joma boots between all designs that there have been?

Joma has been making football boots from more than 40 years, but each model has something exclusive for the brand. From the robust boots of the sixties to the Propulsion 3.0 in 2014. But a special collection for Joma was the first line of colored boots that Joma put in the market in the nineties. Joma was the first worldwide brand to market color boots abandoning the black mono color. Joma denominated this campaign “The color in football” and it was the international slogan of the brand back then. 

Can you define the brand direction?

The business strategy of Joma Sport is to invest all the time and not stand still in order to apply the ultimate technologies of the sector to its products. In the football line, the aim is to reopen a gap in the market that is now monopolized by two or three big brands and using its product as the best possible showcase. The Joma Product is characterized because of its technology, design and an excellent quality and realistic price. 

What does Joma do different?

The idea of real Joma sportsman/woman is someone who appreciates every detail of the product be it football boots, running shoes, tennis clothing or football kit, and with a lot information and they have very clear their needs. They want supreme quality and workmanship and they don´t necessarily look for great football players endorsement either, the product is king for our current and future consumers. To reach them, we have to differentiate from other brands that prioritize a star name to its product. For Joma the quality is the main tool to sell our product and always will be. This is why, after nearly 50 years we are getting stronger than ever in the football boot market.