Julio Cesar Stars in Reusch Magno Deluxe

Inter Milan goalkeeper Julio Cesar produced a stunning save during the Champions League semi-final, wearing Reusch Magno Deluxe goalkeeper gloves. Cesar helped guide Inter to the Champions League Final, and in doing so helped to stake his claim as one of the best goalkeepers in the world!

Reusch goalkeeper Julio Cesar was playing with the Yellow Magno Pro Deluxe M1 goalkeeper gloves, and playing with fire was definitely in his mind when defending the goal! Energetically with full power and equipped at his best, Julio Cesar absolutely conduced to the great success of his Italian team, notably turning Lionel Messi's shot round the post with his glove tips!

Inter Milan finally broke the spell to reach the final of the Champions League for the first time since 1972. Inter will face Bayern Munich in Madrid on May 22nd, and Julio Cesar will be aiming to keep Bayern at bay to help this side win their third European Cup trophy.