A colour palette so beautifully warming, Umbro and Grêmio have unveiled their home and away kits for the forthcoming 2016 season. As ever, it's the finer detail that brings the house down on these kits.

When the 90s went home and took with them their all singing and dancing kits, football moved into a place that was a little more dedicated to technology then that of kaleidoscope creativity. "Innovation" this, "ultra" that, it could be argued that the aesthetic excellence went on a little break over the following decade. Alas, in the here and now Umbro have remained consistent to creating what they believe makes a football shirt so great. Plenty of intricate detail while keeping things clean, there's always a heap of character and story to be told.

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It does feel as though Grêmio have released more kits than anyone else over the last couple of years but forgive us, that could simply be our wondering eyes that occupy South America and those beautiful blue and black tones that bless these shirts. Both home and away are plenty different in equal measure and the more you look, the more you notice. From the etched trim that lives at the foot of the away shirt to those mesmerizing home socks, it's another triumph between both brand and club. Give the gallery a look above. Dreamy.