Not many players could turn up to their official unveiling wearing a hoodie customised with their own diamond-styled personal logo and initials. But then Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang isn't just another player. He's a new-era headline signing. He's everything your Grandad hates about modern football, and that makes him valuable.

Arsenal have got themselves a showman who sees it as his responsibility as a performer to entertain way beyond the 90 minutes of office hours. Look out for fast cars, custom footwear, trademark logos, and outrageous wardrobes as he joins the most covered league in the world. Everything a Premier League player does is news, and here are five reasons why he'll fit right in...

The Confidence

Firstly, 98 goals in 144 Borussia Dortmund appearances is a strong return. If Aubameyang can replicate that form for Arsenal then Gooners are in for a treat. When strikers are scoring, they're happy. When Aubameyang is scoring, he's entertaining. He possesses bags of confidence, and at 28 he's bang in his prime and confident in his ability. Off the pitch, he's flash – the type of flash that Pogba and Neymar share, the type of flash that avoids being portrayed as arrogance. Think a grown-up Balotelli.


The Cars

The British mentality on cars is low-key. British players like black Range Rovers or smart Mercedes. Aubameyang is straight up 90s flash when it comes to his wheels. Faster, louder, brighter the better. It's a real skill to own a bespoke wrapped Ferrari or metallic Lamborghini without looking like a total p***k and even more skilful to constantly flaunt them on social media, but Aubameyang owns it. Expect to see him gridlocked in style around North London from this week onwards.

The Custom Game

Aubameyang doesn't know the meaning of safe. Everything he does is full-on. From custom Beats headphones, to Nike football boots and sneakers. Nike have lured one of their most eccentric players onto the biggest dancefloor in world football and he's gonna dance. Expect more extravagant apparel.

The Outfits

Born in France to a Gabonese father and Spanish mother, Aubameyang's style influence is flamboyant to say the least. But what he wears, he wears with confidence in his own unique way. The haircuts, the designer labels, the custom threads. He's modern footballer all over, and you're watching his very move, every goal, every Instagram post. You already know him and Hector Bellerin are tearing up London Fashion Week 2019.

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The Brand

Any self-respecting big-time player has his own personal range of customised clothing with obligatory signature logo, and Aubameyang has the potential to use the Premier League to boost his own financial gain. He's contracted to Nike, but shows a willingness for publicity, as demonstrated with his Nike Spiderman mask celebration. Hugely popular in Africa, and a profile that will now be further elevated through the Premier League. He won't duck the added attention. It's a win-win.

Oh, and his Instagram couldn't be any more #baller...

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A player that loves the limelight, loves the publicity, and has no intention of hiding in an outer-London suburban mansion. Fans of the Premier League are hungry to follow players every move and Aubameyang is a walking brand who plays up to the role, keeping fans engaged through his social media channels. Yeah, it's modern football, but the Premier League is Hollywood Football and Aubameyang will be right at home on this red carpet. As long as, you know, he scores a few.