As the most iconic football boot of all time returns to our pitches and screens were taking a look back at the most memorable adidas Predator commercials. Basically lots of Beckham and Zidane curling and Steven Gerrard smashing. We won't keep you any longer than that. Scroll away...

adidas 1994 Predator – 100% Legal. 0% Fair. That was the slogan that the first ever adidas Predator launched with. The phrase "Game Changing" is thrown around a lot when it comes to innovation, but the launch of the adidas Predator defined it for boot design. 

adidas Predator 1994 – More tight shorts and shiny shirts as adidas took to Brazil for their next Predator commercial. Some slight exaggerations when it came to the football side of things, but a definitive message to power home what the new boot represented. Swerve and that.

adidas Predator 1995 – The first commercial for the second-generation Predator focused on a young scholar cleaning the boots of the pros while dreaming of his first team debut. Another video that emphasised the sheer size of the rubber shooting fins. Car tyres, them.

adidas Predator 1996 Touch – One of the first leading Predator players took centre stage for the 1996 Predator Touch edition. Paul Gascoigne starred in 'The Magician' as he performed a series of tricks in the latest chapter of the Predator story.

adidas Predator 1996 Touch – Alessandro Del Piero led a star-studded cast of Predator Touch players in the first multi-player video for the Predator. A fresh-faced David Beckham made his video debut, along with Edwin van der Sar in-between the sticks.

adidas Predator Accelerator 1998 – Another big cast turned out for the launch of the Predator Accelerator ahead of the 1998 World Cup in France. David Beckham earned a more prominent role, while Del Piero, Zidane and Patrick Kluivert also featured in the moody black and white production.

adidas Predator Mania 2002 – Beckham and Zidane were back at it again for the launch of the adidas Predator Mania in 2002. The boot was the centre piece for the 2002 World Cup in Japan/South Korea, and adidas had designed an aesthetic that further enhanced the boot's free-kick king reputation.

adidas Predator Mania 2002 – Adidas headed to the Institute for the Study of Footballitis as the 2002 World Cup approached. Barthez, Beckham and Zidane upped their acting CV's, and there was also a guest appearance from legendary Italian referee Pierluigi Collina. 

adidas Predator Pulse 2004 – By 2004 Beckham was a mainstay in the Predator commercial, and adidas had a back catalogue envied by every other brand on the market. The Predator was established, ten years on from its debut. The new commercial focused on the leading players ahead of EURO 2004 in Portugal.

adidas Predator Absolute 2006 – The advert for the 2006 World Cup is one of adidas' most memorable in Predator era. A couple of young kids inviting World Cup players to their street football match as adidas showcased the Predator Absolute and F50 series.

adidas Predator Powerswerve 2007 – Just Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso booting balls at some clay pigeons at Melwood. Job done, everyone in the pub by lunch. Predator Powerswerve though, best post-Mania Pred. There we said it.

adidas Predator X 2009 – "How can we emphasise the power the Predator can create? We could get Steven Gerrard to kick a ball so hard that it demolishes an entire stadium? Done. You got his number, yeah?" It was hard to get too excited about the Predator X, no matter how hard Stevie could strike a ball in them.

adidas Predator adiPower 2011 – Nothing is more 2011 than giving Dimitar Berbatov and Samir Nasri some air-time. Robin van Persie and Kaka also made an appearance as adidas launched the Predator adiPower. Launching in a colourway that wasn't "Black/White/Red" was brave, but the adiPower still has a strong reputation in modern era Pred circles.

adidas Predator Lethal Zones 2012 – The Lethal Zones went through the 'Deadly Challenges' as adidas tasked their leading Predator players with a Takeshi's Castle/Total Wipeout assault course. Not the most popular boot of the adidas Predator story, but easily one of the best videos.

adidas Predator Instinct 2014 – Zidane made his Predator comeback as he welcomed a group of hopefuls into the Predator Arena to launch the Predator Instinct. The Instinct was the final Predator before it was replaced by the ACE. The final Predator until this week when adidas launched the Predator 18+.

adidas Predator 18+ – New generation boot, new generation players. Paul Pogba and Mesut Ozil were handed the task of launching the Predator 18+ this week, and while the boot has work to do to establish itself amongst the Predator greats, the new video is right up there with the best.

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