Our top 10 Twitter moments from players who use social media...#butprobablyshouldnt.

Morgan Schneiderlin – The man who inspired the whole list. The Saints star has taken exception to being told he will not be allowed to join the mass exodus at Southampton, and whilst in times gone by, an official transfer request would suffice, in the age of Twitter, only a tweet aimed at your club will do. He sent this: "6 years of an amazing journey #saintsfc DESTROYED in 1 hour!!" from his account, @SchneiderlinMo4.

Ashley Cole – Need we say more? The former Chelsea man  was one of England's best ever defenders and he certainly defends himself on Twitter. Soon after joining Twitter, Cole decided to troll Arsenal fans from his account, @TheRealAC3, and told one follower, "I am what I am!!! Hahahahahahaha, Winner!!!!! 11 to me 0 to you." and kindly posted a visual aid of the Champions League trophy.

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"Me and you, top playground at lunch, bring your mates."

Wayne Rooney – Not known for his IQ score, Rooney is the epitome of a player who probably shouldn’t use social media without serious supervision. After getting into a row with a fan who he told to come to training ad fight him, he then followed it up by tweeting from his official account, @WayneRooney: "I will put you asleep within 10 seconds hope u turn up if u don't gonna tell everyone ur scared u little nit. I'll be waiting".

Samir Nasri  He gets into fights over direct messages and is more than happy to post tweets about his bank balance. He jibes Arsenal and their fans – but it's his girlfriend who has been hitting the headlines, and after attacking both the French national side and Didier Deschamps, she is now set to be sued by the manager. Not surprising after claiming from her account @_Anara_: "F*** France and F*** Deschamps! What a s*** manager".

Karim Benzema – The Real Madrid forward may profess to be a fairly quiet man off the field, but according to his posts on Instagram, which were widely circulated on Twitter, his scoring record off the pitch is equally as impressive. After claiming: "These b****es love Benzy" with the obligatory accompanying photo of him flanked by two beauties. It was made especially bad been as though it was less than 48 hours before Los Blancos took on BVB!

Joey Barton – Where to begin? From philosophical quotes to weighing in on the current conflict in the Middle East, Barton and his tweets know no bounds. However the one we found the funniest and had to smile at was about his international retirement – or rather the lack there of it after the World Cup when he claimed: "After reviewing England's performance at the WC, I have decided renounce my international retirement. Having seen the standard, I believe it’s possible." Actually Joey, for once, we have to agree.

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 He may be the best player in the world, but that did not stop the Real Madrid man from getting into a fair bit of hot water on twitter after tweeting about his new underwear range for boys. His official account, @Cristiano tweeted: "Thank you all for participating in the CR7 Boys Underwear Competition - it's been a real pleasure to see all of your photos." Now as you can imagine this caused quite a stir and was promptly deleted along with a tweet about things being taken out of context.

Yaya Toure
– The figure of fun and viral ridicule this summer, Yaya found himself the unwanted subject of gossip when he and his agent took to twitter to criticize Manchester City for their treatment of him – and the size of his birthday cake. He backed his agent’s claims he was unhappy, before deleting the tweet – but failing to realise it, along with a lot of birthday cakes, was already viral! He had claimed: "Everything dimitry said is true. He speaks for me. I will give an interview after world cup to explain." Oh, @Toure_yaya42, what were you thinking?  

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – How could the man who has his own hashtag, #DareToZlatan, not be in the countdown? Zlatan is epic on and off the field, and a Q and A with twitter followers only proved that further, with many hilarious replies, our favourite being a response to the question ‘are you mad?’ @Ibra_official replied: "Am I mad @bailofwz? Would a sane man try a 32 yard overhead kick in an international match?" Touché Zlatan, touché.

And finally... Even the managers are getting in on the act, with Southampton boss Ronaldo Koeman seemingly trolling his own club, positing a tweet saying: "Ready for #Training!" Which would have been fine – except it was accompanied by a picture of an empty training ground.

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