Crossing the streetwear and football fashion divide, Neal Heard has collaborated with Le Coq Sportif to design a bespoke collection for Fall/Winter '17 that brings beauty from St-Éitenne with serious form.

Neal Heard is a die-hard football fan who cut his teeth as a casual on the British football terraces of the 1980’s. Savvy to the style of football with an off the pitch influence, his collection of shirts and repertoire for championing that space where football meets fashion are second to none. Taking inspiration from an archived classic, with a powerful 'Super Télé' sponsor and worn by Saint-Étienne in the 1981-82 season, it's not vintage, it's not retro - it's all out contemporary.

A LOVER’S GUIDE TO ST-ÉTIENNE – BY NEAL HEARD portrait_0000_le_coq NH_select-26.jpg
A LOVER’S GUIDE TO ST-ÉTIENNE – BY NEAL HEARD portrait_0004_le_coq NH_select-5.jpg

In describing the jersey that influenced the collection, Neal explains, “I love this jersey with the huge flocked Le Coq Sportif logo and oversized sponsor. It brings back so many memories. It’s what kicked off my interest in the brand, and manages to capture the whole romance and glamour of European football shirts for me and many others.”

A LOVER’S GUIDE TO ST-ÉTIENNE – BY NEAL HEARD portrait_0002_le_coq NH_select-14.jpg
A LOVER’S GUIDE TO ST-ÉTIENNE – BY NEAL HEARD portrait_0001_le_coq NH_select-16.jpg

Le Coq Sportif and Saint-Étienne have reignited a strong look and helped bring the football shirt into more on point places. You can pick up the collection from various stores including Hanon from 6th October.