The first in our new 'Residence' series of behind the scenes photo journals that soak up the sights of football stadiums across the land, we head to Old Trafford, the biggest club stadium in the UK.

There are few stadiums more iconic than Old Trafford. Home to Manchester United, it has seen an endless list of the elite from the world of football. Officially opened in 1910, one hundred and fifteen years have passed while Manchester United have grown into arguably the biggest brand in football.

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Refurbished to include the branding of kit partner adidas, it is a powerhouse. Enormous in stature, thronged in History – a place few football fans will come and fail to fall into a state of awe. Sheer appreciation, the memories that are treasured here from 'The Busby Babes' to that Beckham free-kick in 2001 create a truly captivating atmosphere. And that's before a fan has entered the place. Architecturally it is beautifully symmetric and contemporary style is not short coming and while, like any stadium there are signs of age, it is a treasure chest of football and it's beauty in every sense.

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Old Trafford | Capacity 76,100

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