The Halcyon Gallery in London has been playing host to a carnival of creative football that celebrates one man. More than an icon, an inspiration. Pele. Marking the occasion, designer Egberto Esmerio created a book to accompany the exhibition.

Having featured the exhibition this time last week, it's only right we follow up with the accompanying book. A triumph in the hands, this collection of work, brings together some of the world's most acclaimed artists to celebrate the heroism of one of the globe's most influential players.

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His own rules and style, there are few players that capture the imagination and the senses than that of Pele. Forever awaiting another icon that holds such powerful spirit, Pele sums up what makes the game so stunning. This book brings the exhibition together, installation upon painting, the perfect way to celebrate the 75th birthday of a true maverick. Get down there while you can, it shuts it's doors on the 18th October. You can find out more information here.