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  • adidas adiPure IV SL Football Boots - White/Gold

    The lightest ever adiPURE returns for its second release in a stunning White/Black/Gold colourway! A boot that combines super lightweight innovation and classic heritage, the adiPURE SL is a revolution in leather football boot design. Class retained, performance enhanced. The adiPURE SL football boots set a new standard in heritage soccer footwear.
    Posted to Football Boots (Weblog) by Soccer_Boots on 05-09-2011
  • Retrospect: Evolution of the adidas adiPURE

    With the release of the new generation adidas 11Pro adiPURE Samba football boots we're taking a look back at all five incarnations of the adiPURE to see how the collection has progressed. Starting from the very first model in 2007 right up to the current and sixth model launched this year.
    Posted to Football News (Weblog) by Moderator on 11-20-2013
  • adidas adiPure IV Football Boots - Black/Black

    Time and time again, adidas continue to deliver exceptional blacked-out football boots! Having already released one of the most popular blacked-out soccer shoes in the adidas Predator X, the new Black/Black adiPURE IV is another great addition to adidas' growing collection of all black boots!
    Posted to Football Boots (Weblog) by Soccer_Boots on 07-01-2011
  • adidas adiPure IV Football Boots - Black/Electricity

    Here's an adiPure release that almost slipped under the radar! Released the same time as the Champions League Predator and the Anodized Blue F50's, these adiPure's have gone for a very classic look, almost to balance out adidas' eccentric and innovative designs we've been seeing lately...
    Posted to Football Boots (Weblog) by Editor on 09-20-2011
  • adidas adiPURE IV Football Boots Scarlet/White/Black

    Tweet There's a new addition to the adidas adiPURE IV range, and some adidas fans may feel like they've seen this colour before! Due to the success and popularity of the Red/White/Black adidas adiPURE II football boots back in 2009, adidas have
    Posted to Football Boots (Weblog) by Soccer_Boots on 01-31-2011
  • adidas adipure 11Pro MiCoach Football Boots - White/Black/High Energy

    The adipure range is the next to come under the innovation spotlight, as adidas launch the adipure 11Pro football boots featuring miCoach technology! In the last 18 months adidas have taken huge strides to radically overhaul their boot ranges, and kicking-off 2012 adidas have launched the 11Pro. Take an exclusive first-look at the White/Black/High Energy 11Pro, the latest release from the 3-Stripes and let us know what you think...
    Posted to Football Boots (Weblog) by Soccer_Boots on 01-10-2012
  • adidas adiPURE IV Football Boots - Black/Zero Metallic/Blue

    Tweet Built around the ideals of class, the adidas adiPURE has already established itself as one of the strongest all-round performing boots on the market. One look at the new Black/Zero Metallic/Blue adiPURE IV takes you back to past era's of the
    Posted to Football Boots (Weblog) by Soccer_Boots on 05-11-2011
  • Schweinsteiger spotted in whiteout adiPURE's

    Bastin Schweinsteiger has been spotted wearing a new pair of all white adiPURE football boots that are suspected to be prototypes of the new adidas adiPURE SL football boots. There's been no official word from adidas about the release of a super-light adiPURE boot, but forum speculation and leaked images suggest that a new adidas adiPURE SL boot is on the way...
    Posted to Boot Spy (Weblog) by Soccer_Boots on 02-08-2011
  • adidas adiPURE IV Football Boots - White/Black/Splash

    The adidas adiPure has firmly established itself as a top-end performer, despite being a relative newby in the boots market. The success of the range has led to adidas releasing the fourth installment of the adiPure, so check out SoccerBible's exclusive shots and information of the White/Black/Splash adiPURE IV football boots.
    Posted to Football Boots (Weblog) by Soccer_Boots on 12-01-2010
  • Play Test | adidas adiPURE 11Pro

    Changing rooms are now full of colourful, synthetic boots featuring more technology than ever, but is there still space for the classic, heritage football boot? The latest generation adiPure 11Pro is currently worn by some of the world's top players so we thought it was time to lace up and see for ourselves...
    Posted to Football News (Weblog) by Moderator on 12-09-2013
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