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Football News > Super Light, Super Luxury - The adidas SL Collection

A common theme we've seen emerge from the big brands over recent years is the desire to push their top-tier boots even further. We've had adidas, Nike and PUMA add the fashionable 'SL' tag to some of their most popular boots. As the year comes to a close, check out four of adidas' most popular 'SL' boots of 2012.

They're not everyone's idea of a perfect football boot. The price-tag is often a deal breaker. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, 'SL' boots have given us with some of the most unique and ground-breaking designs in the game. Now that Nike have retired their 'SL' category, adidas are the leading players in the game and delivering in style! 

One of the selling points for each of the adidas SL football boots is their exclusivity - they won't be flooded onto pitches across the globe, and at the most a handful of players will wear the boots. For their top professionals, adidas don't let them near the SL models – adidas keep the likes of Messi and co. in the standard editions, knowing they offer a more affordable option to most of the boot-buying public!  

Unless you've parted with the kind of cash required to own a pair of adidas SL boots, chances are you don't know exactly what you're getting for you money. Well, a swanky new box for a start. Slide it open and inside adidas have packaged a pair of SL insoles, alternatively coloured laces and a branded SL boot bag. All of course alongside the super-charged and super-light football boots of your choice.

Tech-wise, the boots have been constructed as super-light alternatives to their standard edition siblings. The adidas Predator LZ SL weighs just 205g and is adidas' lightest ever Predator – 20g lighter than the Predator LZ. Replacing the HybridTouch upper material used on the standard edition, the boot is constructed using an adizero-inspired single layer synthetic SprintSkin upper.

As for the adiPURE SL, the boots tip the scales at a mere 180g, making them 25% lighter than the standard versions. Adidas maintain the boots renowned quality by featuring a K-Leather upper across the forefoot. The super-soft K-Leather is an upgrade from the Taurus leather used on the adiPURE 11Pro. The leather combines with adidas' SprintSkin material that makes up the rest of the boot to dramatically reduce weight.  

It's been a big year for adidas' super-light category. Own a pair of adidas SL football boots? Let us know what you think of what are some of the most luxurious boots in the game. Join the conversation online, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Only published comments... Dec 20 2012, 11:48 AM by Soccer_Boots



Getsuga04 said:


December 20, 2012 1:49 PM

mali95 said:

My friend's bro had the black adipure SLs and they looked not bad on field...

December 20, 2012 2:04 PM

Waldrinho said:

SL 11Pro all day, every day NEE-YA!!!  I go to work in them. . .

December 20, 2012 2:06 PM

Xandai said:

Mostly for the best. Except the fact that the predator LZ SL doesn't really have any of the predator technologies, they were just cut out.

December 20, 2012 2:37 PM

BootSpotter said:

Black and pink LZ

Love both 11pro

December 20, 2012 4:37 PM

Pongy said:

xandai that is the stupidest thing i have ever seen on here

December 20, 2012 4:43 PM

WillyBooby said:

Wooo a new box and some more plastic!

Thanks Adidas, they must of cost all of about £5 per pair to produce in some factory.

I do quite like the black and orange Adipure 11 Pro though...

December 20, 2012 4:56 PM

ChangTrafford41226 said:

  Kind of like the Nike Elite line.

December 20, 2012 5:02 PM

ChangTrafford41226 said:

  Kind of like the Nike Elite line.

December 20, 2012 5:02 PM

jkeefe35 said:

i have the white SL's ..not to bad and they look awesome on the pitch ..still not my favorite though rather wear copa's

December 20, 2012 8:29 PM

football_life said:

I have the original Black/White/Red launch colourway of the 11pro SL and I'm very impressed. I've been using them for half a season and they're by far the most comfortable boots I've ever worn, I previously wore the Tiempo Legend IV and they're nowhere near as good.

December 20, 2012 8:37 PM

barc4b0y said:

Marketing anyways some people might like it

December 20, 2012 10:57 PM

YBJ_92112 said:

Super Light, Super Luxury.... Super Ugly

December 21, 2012 2:55 AM

hrvatska99 said:

they are sooo sick are you high

December 21, 2012 4:47 AM

Hammer73 said:

  Pink should never appear on football boots unless of course for girls! Or people who bat for the other side

December 21, 2012 7:31 PM

hrvatska99 said:

pink should appear on football boots cuz i sick its purple get your eyes checked champ!

December 21, 2012 10:56 PM
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