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Boot Spy > Boot Insider - Hulk Test Drives New Mizuno

The SoccerBible Boot Insider was present at the Donblass Arena this week, to see FC Porto defeat Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League, but more importantly to see star forward Hulk test-drive a new pair of Mizuno Morelia Neo football boots!

In the soccer gear society, word has been reaching us of an exciting project and new boot in the pipeline from Mizuno. The new Mizuno Morelia Neo football boots are being touted as one of the brands most innovative soccer shoes, expected to raise the bar for lightweight football boots and take the fight to Nike and adidas! SoccerBible was first on hand when Hulk took his latest weapon – the Mizuno Morelia Neo - for a test drive!

With exclusive access to Mizuno's lead player Hulk, we were able to get a glance at Mizuno's latest design! Safe guarded by Porto's rather threatening goal-machine, Hulk wasn't giving too much away when it came to his new Mizuno Morelia Neo football boots! We don't expect to have to wait much longer before we get a detailed look at the new Mizuno Morelia Neo, and judging by the look of them, we can't wait!

With the concept of the Mizuno Morelia Neo soccer shoes in mind, the Japanese brand recently flew Hulk out to Japan for extensive performance testing and product development, giving great insights into the processes involved when engineering performance footwear such as the Morelia Neo for the games top players.

As for the new Mizuno Morelia Neo football boots, not much is being given away at the moment. Visible are a few new elements, including a one-piece outsole with innovative studs and structure, and by the looks of the boot collar a thin leather upper, and we all know how Mizuno are famed for their comfortable leather uppers.

Given Mizuno's recent boot history which includes the Wave Ignitus, we know Mizuno have the ambition when it comes to innovation and rivalling Nike and adidas. First impressions would suggest the Mizuno Morelia Neo will rival the likes of the adizero, but stay tuned to SoccerBible as we'll be bringing you the latest boot news.

What are your first impressions of the Mizuno Morelia Neo football boots Hulk is currently testing? Share your opinions with the soccer gear society online, 
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Only published comments... Nov 24 2011, 03:00 PM by Editor



goonerman1990 said:

These look amazing...hope they come out with some good colourways, should def release a black-out!

November 24, 2011 4:13 PM

edslev said:


November 24, 2011 4:18 PM

thealexgreen said:

Everyone's trying to copy Adidas' speed heel counter now

November 24, 2011 4:21 PM

Brambledinho said:

These look the business! Always fancied a pair of Mizuno's but never bought a pair, gonna get these, they look so light. Someone needs to release a blackout speed boot, hope it's these.

November 24, 2011 4:26 PM

arnas22 said:

what a great boots, black is beatifull

November 24, 2011 4:46 PM

PredatorCTR360 said:

They must be Mizuno Morelia Neo!

November 24, 2011 4:53 PM

tamazilla76 said:

its new from morelia......Morelia Neo...weight 180 gram or 6.4 oz...pretyyy cool

November 24, 2011 4:55 PM

shotarveladze said:

Kensuke Nagai,Japanese fastest FW already uses this boot. check it out.

November 24, 2011 5:05 PM

javiheavy said:

Morelia Neo as seen on Siamboots

November 24, 2011 5:32 PM

juvefan77 said:

The picture of hulk wearing the boots makes no sense.. he was wearing the white moreilas when he scored..

November 24, 2011 7:56 PM

michaelfarin said:

this is the Morelia Neo. It will weigh 180g (6.3 oz). 

November 24, 2011 7:59 PM

ChangTrafford41226 said:

What is the color for the new Morelia Neos? Are they cool?

November 24, 2011 8:07 PM

mizuno 555 said:


November 24, 2011 10:56 PM

daniel2754 said:


November 24, 2011 11:10 PM

djkeogh5 said:

i went onto mizuno's japan website and they had info on this saying it will be released descember 1st, the vamp is k leather and they weigh 180 grams

November 25, 2011 12:58 AM

A_Di_Natale said:

nice and elegant

November 25, 2011 11:48 AM

Micael said:

I do not like Boots Black Color No Details ...

November 25, 2011 3:44 PM

LADA said:

getting em!!

November 26, 2011 1:18 AM

Tangerine4Life said:

Look great

November 28, 2011 9:41 AM

Murilo Zanoni said:

Very Very nice!

November 28, 2011 2:23 PM

pcm19 said:

looks extremely high-tech. reminds me of that pwr-c puma custom fitting for like $1500. has hulk ever played for brazil?

November 28, 2011 9:26 PM

JLK15 said:

these rock

November 29, 2011 11:17 AM

LuCa VeGa said:

Hulk is such a tank

July 13, 2012 11:08 PM
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